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A Guide to New Home Construction Loans

IF you need funding for the home that you want to build then you can apply for a new home construction loan. New home construction loans, however are different from an existing home loan.

Interest on the entire borrowed among will be charged immediately for an existing home loan. This is because the home is already there and you have access to it right away. These benefits are not enjoyed by someone who will still construct his home. When you are charged interest, the full amount will not be used.

You have twelve months to complete your new home construction. You only get the money that you need by the lending institution, as the project progresses. They will charge you interest on the money that is disbursed during that time. The amount of loan you can get is up to ninety percent of the estimated future value of the property but this will also depend on the income that you have stated in your documentation.

If your home construction is completed, the permanent loan begins with interest being charged on the entire loan amount. There is only one time for closing for the construction of your new home. Everything is done in one sitting from the financing during the construction and the permanent loan that will come in a little later. There is only one set of loan documents. There are no additional documents to worry about that will charge you additional costs.

When the documents are signed, whatever the interest rate is at this time will be locked in and will be the rate until the project is done after twelve months. You now have to determine the value of your future home even before it is built. The appraiser will ask you to provide information to him on the following: the type of home you are going to build; the materials that are going to be used for your home; the cost of all the materials, labor costs, land cost and its current value; and the amount of money to be spent on permits and planning. The type of home you are going to build; the materials you are going to use for your home; the cost of all the materials; labor costs; land cost and its current value; and the amount of money to be spend on permits and planning are the important information that you should provide to the appraiser in order to determine the estimated value of your new home.

You also need to consider whom you will hire as a general contractor to build your home and the terms of the contract. You can start building your new home when this is finalized. While it can be confusing at the start, but you can still make is through in the long run.

Newly constructed homes are worthy every minute of time and effort put into them though. If you take time to get all the information straight, then it will be done for you before you know it.

It is easy to build a new home with new home construction loans.

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